Frederic Patenaude February 16, 2010 46 Announcements


Welcome to our new help desk for the websites of Frederic Patenaude and Renegade Health!

This is the place to get customer support for websites by Frederic Patenaude (including FredericPatenaude.com, Renegade Health, Raw Vegan, Do What You Love, Raw Vegan Mentor Club, and more).

Please click here to register an account to submit tickets and track the status of your requests.

IMPORTANT: If you've used our previous helpdesk, you will still need to register a new account, because we're using a completely different program to run our help desk. We're always trying to improve our customer service and we hope this more refined and simpler help desk is a step in the right direction. Click here to register.


Please watch the short 2-minute video to learn how to use our new support desk!