Is it ok to eat many bananas everyday all year?




  • Hdp954

    Interesting question. Any answers?

  • Sivan Aviv

    Hi, I read most of your website and it sounds really good and logical. But: you say that a person needs about 15 bananas a day. I am not "worried" about overdosing or anything. However, do you really think "nature intended" for us to be so dependent on one specific fruit? What if we were born in a region without bananas, in an era when they could still not be imported? And: bananas are very different in content than most other fruit. They are a bit "bread-like" I would say.... So isn't this just a substitute for something very filling such as bread or potatoes? 

  • Sivan Aviv

    I'll clarify a bit: if fruit are the basic food, then it means we would be happily and easily be able to maintain the fruit and vegetable diet even without bananas, right? So why put so much stress on bananas?

  • Hdp954

    Simply because Bananas are a very convenient Fruit that are available Year-Round in most places.

  • Viola Woolott

    Yes, an interesting question. As with ALL fruits, first, fruits are high in sugar (especially dried fruit). Second. We should have food that comes from the country we are living in, so where I com from there are no banana trees, so I eat them sparingly... sad really, as I used to have 2 or 3 a day until I realised and researched and found that it isn't to good after all :-(

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