Raw Vegans and B12




  • Harm

    I guess (one of) the reasons is that we don't eat directly from nature. Our fruit has been washed before we eat it.

  • Theresa Miller

    We need to eat dirty food?

  • Harm

    HI Theresa,

    To underpin my casual remark, here are the conclusions from a study done on Vegans - B12:

    See for the full study : http://www.scienzavegetariana.it/rubriche/cong2002/vegcon_B12_en.html


    B12 deficiency may have serious consequences, particularly for infants as onset is more rapid and lasting damage more common.

    Good B12 intake may be the key to adding 4 years to vegan life-span and putting vegans clearly ahead of other groups in mortality comparisons.

    It may also reduce risk of pregnancy complications, birth defects and dementia.

    Adequate B12 can be obtained from:

    • at least 3 micrograms per day from including fortified foods in several meals or
    • at least 10 micrograms as a daily supplement or
    • at least 2000 micrograms as a weekly supplement

    Our need for B12 has nothing to do with a need for meat but is shared by most other primates who get B12 from dirt, insects and faeces containing B12 from bacteria. In our modern sanitised but polluted world B12 extracted from bacteria provides the most convenient and reliable source.

    B12 is an essential part of a healthy vegan diet
    Don't endanger your health by missing out


  • Theresa Miller

    Thank you. I still believe that the raw vegan diet is the healthiest, but would rather obtain B-12 from food, or natural sources, instead of from a vitamin pill. I was just wondering if there are any vegan foods that contain the B-12? What do you mean by "fortified" foods? Wouldn't that mean processed foods?

  • Harm

    I think so. For me that's not a good option. I have been taking vitamin B12 from Solgar as a supplement myself for many years. From what I understand one needs to take a sublingual tablet (to be put onder your tongue). This allows the substance to enter your bloodstream straight away. Works better supposedly than a tablet/capsule which is swallowed. 

  • Theresa Miller

    Thanks. I have taken both sublingual tablets and B-Complex tablets, as well as multivitamins, but I always felt like there is something missing. Sometimes I think that getting B vitamins from whole grains might be preferable. Just eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Not sure what to do .

  • Hdp954

    Any answers to this?

  • roslyn

    hi am taking vitamin-B-12 shot because the doctor say my stomach can not store it, what is the best vegetable for vitamin B-12. I suffer for 10 years with stomach problem am tied off going to doctors with no cure at night it;s worst 

  • roslyn

    what is the best water to drink? i here a lot about distilled water,

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