teeth erosion cause of food acids




  • Erik D

    Hi.  I have been a vegan raw foodist for nearly seven years myself.  My dad is a dentist and told me the only thing to really be careful of is eating too much citrus (lemons, oranges, and grapefruits).  He says citric acid is more dangerous for a person's teeth than sugar is.  Limit consumption of citrus fruits and never brush your teeth after eating citrus.  Wait at least half and hour to an hour to brush because if you brish while the citric acid is still on your teeth, you can actually brush the enamel off.  Instead, rinse your mouth with water after citrus consumption.

    If you are going to drink citrus juices or lemon water, use a straw and keep the liquid away from your teeth as much as you can.

    Also, a personal experience I will share: I went thorugh a period where I ate several (about 5-8) green apples a day for a period of about a week.  By the end of the week, my teeth were so sensitive that they hurt.  I gave up eating so many green apples and drank a bunch of green juices (cucumber, celery, etc.) to get a bunch of minerals into my system and the problem was solved.  My dad said the malic acid in green apples is very strong and harmful for teeth.  Of course, I over did it by eating so many green apples at once.  If you only eat green apples in moderation, you should not run into trouble.  Again, follow the same rules as above: don't brush for 1/2 hour to an hour after eating them and rinse your mouth out with water.

    It seems there are some raw foodists out there who don't take care of their teeth.  They figure they are eating "all-natural" so they don't need to brush or floss.  This is not a good idea.  One should always floss and brush their teeth no matter what. 

    Another thing to consider is, if you are eating a lot of dried fruits (raisins, dates, and other sticky dried fruits), you should really brush and floss immediately afterward.  Those types of foods really get caught in your teeth and can cause trouble if you don't brush and floss.

    Eating a lot of fruits on the raw diet is good but don't completely neglect your greens.  Teeth need minerals to be strong and healthy. 

    As I said, I have been raw for about seven years and have not had any cavities or other problems with my teeth (other than the sentitivity when I ate too many green apples in a week, but that cleared up when I stopped doing it).  I should also point out that I don't eat dried fruits myself.  However, I know a raw foodist who does and he takes care of his teeth and has had no problems in the several years that he has been raw.

    Hope this helps!   

  • Erik D

    Something else I'd like to add: if you are going to eat any nuts, it can be a good idea to soak them so they are soft when you eat them.  This is easier on the teeth.  Plus, this is an especially good idea if you have any fillings, crowns, etc., already.


    (Pardon the typos on the first post above; I was typing really fast and see no way to edit after the fact.)

  • Erik D

    Hello again,

    I have thought of yet another thing to tell you regarding the raw food diet and healthy teeth.  You might want to watch your intake of fruit juices.  The whole fruit in and of itself is fine because the skins balance out the sugar content.  However, consuming fruits in juiced form could affect the teeth negatively if you drink them too much.  In moderation, of course, is fine.  As with citrus juices, use a straw to keep the liquid off of your teeth as much as you can.  

  • gerald

    I'm not one to give advice. Just ate dates, got sore in back tooth. started flossing hard that area. I thought I saw the floss actually cut a groove in the enamel. I don't know if i'm hypochondrian. There was ridge there previously, but seemed, under flashlight, to get deeper. This can't be real, can it? I'm hallucinating, right? Well I see a dentist soon.

    So how good is my advice?

    Phytic acid- binds minerals removing them from circulation, found in all nuts, seeds, beans grains in germ and bran. not all removed by soaking. Adds to acidity/decalcification by means other than simple acid ash.

    I think dehydration really is a cause of not just tooth but many problems. check out watercure.com and go down the rabbit hole. No I'm not sure fruit alone can hydrate us, esp with toxic load from diet history. dehydration (deepst come morning) is the cause of drymouth= acid saliva.

    I think we need our greens. Calcium and better minerals yes. I really can't access basic greens here in eastern europe and I don't understand how people eat cabbage raw. (or cooked). Sooo. iceberg lettuce for me. Vitamin K and bone mineralization. Found essentially only in greens in large doses. maybe can reach it from fruit but may be hard.

    And sun of course.

    I'm trying to do all of this. and more. Afraid of those things that might be good, might be bad. That stalls me and I become paralyzed- i.e. should I brush, and with what. Nature is the way, but what does nature say? I don't have terrible teeth by any stretch though they've taken their share of abuse and dentistry. I don't wanna lose them. I wanna keep 'em. 'my people perish for want of knowledge'. I hope these leads prove helpful







  • Harm

    HI Gerald,

    To get greens when they are not offered in the store you might start to grow them yourself - indoors. You can grow various highly nutritionous greens in your own home year round. Wheatgrass, Sunflowersprouts, Alfalgasprouts etc. You might want to check out www.greensmoothie.com. You can order seeds online if you can't get them nearby.

    Hope that works for you.




  • Araana Genny

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