Sore Throat




  • Wilkinson

    Hello when i started raw i had been suffering with "flu" etc for 6monyhs.

    I find that every time I go on diet I go down with flu.

    So I ate like a pig. Someone suggested 1tsp Cayenne pepper every hour for 1 day - every 2 hours 2nd day and then 1tsp a day continuously. IF YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC

    Now if theres flu its 1tsp cayenne pepper 3 times.


    Also chewing a freshly picked raw sage leaf does wonders for a sore throat

  • Frederic Patenaude

    This is detox. You simply have to go longer than 4 days and the sore throat will go away. Avoid acidic fruits like oranges and pineapple at first .

  • Wilkinson

    I had been sick for 6 months  - that had been a lot longer than 4 days.

    And since being on Raw foods for 1 year flue hasn't got me beaten yet



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