Stomach Pains!




  • Frederic Patenaude

    I suggest going "mono" for a few days to see if issues can clear up. Try eating only bananas for a few days, or having only mono meals for a few days (only bananas for breakfast, melon for lunch, etc.). 

  • carine martine

    It is easy to 'gain'stomach pains when discovering that 'critisism" is "deleted'. Hoorah 4 the technology.!!! Fred you seem to forget that "organic" is not a 'fashion  concept"... Organically grown fruit , Veggies, nuts etc. ARE ( wild poLLuTIon free as optimum choice...) by far more a better choice 4 PERSONAL & ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. RECONSIDER TO GIVE THEM A 'WORTHY POSITION IN A PERSONAL POP POLL" By doing so you would (re) win my RESPECT....

  • Marina

    Hey Dave J!

    I have the very same problem. :( Actually, I wanted to address Frederic, but then I saw your post, so I guess I will put my message for Frederci here, hoping that he will answer and u can read it as well.

    Hi Frederic!

    First of all tumbs up for all your work! Thank u for your emails. I enjoy reading about your Costa Rica travelings and explanations about the difference between "fruit and veggies diet" and "nuts diet". I myself promote the Plant based diet  in my country of Serbia. U can check one of my videos, the only one that is in English, at

    However, I have a question... I have been vegan for past 6 years and it feels great, but now...I want to transfer to raw food only. And I have been trying for the past few months, but I always end up eating a LOT, LOT of fruits...simply because I am addicted to them ... always been - even when I was little and before I converted to vegan! However, when I eat a lot of fruit, it feels like heaven, but ... I am bloathed! :( So, please, reveal your secret to me. How can u eat so much fruit and have no water retention in your stomach? Thanks in advance!!!!

    PS I am eating mono fruit meals... organic when possible, but washed thourougly with Soap nuts from Nepal. When I eat a cup of steamed millet for example, my stomach is flat and does not hurt.  


  • Jennifer Townes


    Thanks for your questions/comments.

    Frederic will be sure to post his reply in a future issue of his Outrageous Health & Success newsletter, available on the blog at

    In the meantime, please be sure to check out the fantastic resources available on our website. You may be surprised to find the answers to your questions lurking there!

    If your interested, as part of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club, Frederic is available to answer  your questions on the raw vegan diet in the private discussion forum. To sign up for a membership, go to

    We appreciate your interest in our resources and suggest you watch future issues of the Outrageous Health & Success E-zine to keep an eye out for your question.

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