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  • Veronica Grace

    The green cleanse is fruits and greens and no fats.  You would not be able to do this because eating greens does not give you enough calories.  The green cleanse is based on fruits and green smoothies with fruit in it.  If you cannot eat fruit then you are eating most of your calories from fat or cooked starches, which would not enable you to really cleanse.

  • Sharne

    Thanks so much Veronica. Just a question on the Raw Food Diet, would you be able to get enough calories without eating fruit on this type of lifestyle. Many thanks

  • Veronica Grace

    Hi Sharne

    We would not recommend a 100% raw food diet if you are absolutely not able to eat fruit.  Greens and vegetables are so high in water content and low in calories it is impossible to get enough to eat.  To get 2000 calories in a day you would need to eat 40 heads of lettuce.  No one would do that.  Nuts and oils are so high in calories because fat has more calories than carbohydrates. 

    If you are trying to get healthy you still want to include lots of vegetables and greens, and a moderate fat intake.  No pouring oils all over your salad.  Don't have avocado, nuts and oils in the same meal, try not to eat them all every day.

    You would be better off health wise to include lightly steamed vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice or quinoa in your diet than trying to eat 100% raw and eating only greens vegetables and raw breads, crackers, nuts and oils.


    I hope this helps. You might want to check out Dr. John Mcdougall's website because he advocates a low fat vegan diet and has helped many many people recover their health.

  • Sharne

    Thank you very much Veronica, I greatly appreciate this. Have a nice day. Sharne

  • Judy Davis

    What do you think of the Liver & Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse?  (for dispelling stones)  Thx!  Judy Utah

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