anything besides Water & Peppermint oil to Quickly remove Phlegm?




  • Chris


    here is a list of Essential oils I have:

    any ideas on how I can Best use these for Phlegm/sinuses?

    Peppermint, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Camphor

    Clove, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary

    these are UpLifting!

    but i don't think they would be good for phlegm issues  ..or would they?

    Juniper, Geranium, Lemon, Basil, Pennyroyal,

    Balsam Fir, Rosewood, Clary Sage, Cypress, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

    Citronella, Lemon grass, Tea Tree, Patchouli, Palmarosa


  • Chris

    I should note I am 31 years old - born Feb 20, 1979.   my height is 5' 7" and I weigh about 133 pounds.

    The only other issues I know of besides a bit of Phlegm in throat & stuffy sinuses (moreso when asleep or resting lying down, but hardly None now, though I do feel a bit of resistance when I deeply breath in & out thru nostrils)

    is Psoriasis which I have had since I was 15, living in a basement and sitting at a computer in a crouched position throughout the day with some dust & mold for about 10 years..

    I have the Psoriasis (its White, Dry & Flakey, but rarely itchy) on my upper body - on my scalp, quite a bit around my ears (not in them), a bit around eye lids, upper arms & upper back, and one 1 inch circle lesion about 3 inches above my belly button.. I have No Psoriasis lesions below that.


    Thanks for your ideas everyone!


  • Chris

    what I have been eating for about the last year is usually Chia seeds & MaltOmeal (which contains Malted Barley & Wheat Farina) in Glenwood Spring water..

    than I will usually mix it with liquid Stevia glycerite I buy here

    Than I will usually add a Banana & some diced Strawberries to it for flavour. I will let them soak for a few minutes in Spring water with Magnesium chloride.

    as for my drink with my food I will usually have Spring water with 1/2 freshly squeezed Lemon, Magnesium chloride powder,

    and liquid Chlorophyllin bought here (also contains Peppermint oil)

    on the side, I will often have Watermelon, Cucumber, Celery, or Cantaloupe.. all are Not Organic & bought from Rainbow Foods here in Minnesota.

    I notice if I don't eat my food slowly, or I have a cold drink, a bit more Phlegm is in my throat.. so that's something I can change now..

    although the Warmer Sunnier days lessen this effect.

    Deep breathing, Eating while Standing to allow the food to easily digest, having a very Open & Happy mood helps a lot too.. not stuck into fear & uncertainties..

    hard to do that though when you feel the phlegm in your throat is thick & hard to get out..

    I think I need more Heat, Moisture, & inhaling effective Essential oils..

    Vaporizer with Peppermint, Rosemary, & Sage.. Hot Peppermint tea also helps.

    please feel free to post ideas as they arise, I'd much rather hear them soon, rather than a long reply I have to wait for!  :)



  • Veronica Grace

    Hi Chris


    Sorry to hear it sounds like your body is trying to let go of a lot of build up through phlegm.  You have to remember the body is the only thing that is able to heal itself, food and herbs do not make the body heal.

    Cutting out any phlegm inducing foods like dairy, coconut milk, wheat etc is a start. Some people find bananas can make them stuffy too.  It could be food allergies contributing.

    Water fasting or juicing would be the fastest way to let the body rest and help rid the phlegm without bogging it down with solid foods and additives.

    I really don't think using herbs is the only way to alleviate this problem as your body is just reacting to them.

    The body is the only true healer, take away the cause, let it heal and the symptoms will subside.

  • Chris

    I do not eat any Dairy for about the last year, and very little Sugars except in the fruit I eat like Watermelon, Strawberries, & Bananas.  I have tried without the Strawberries & Bananas when I couldn't eat them for a few weeks, and I didn't notice a difference in phlegm content..

    the MaltOmeal contains Wheat Farina, but it seems my body is able to easily digest that compared to any meats, especially fried, which I rarely eat.. maybe twice in the last month..  I know I will completely eliminate that..  

    I know breathing in Peppermint, Sage, Rosemary helps open up my sinuses and Sleep more Peacefully at night.. I feel much more Connected to nature when I do, and feel less suffocated from the things of man mostly around me..

    do you suggest  just Water fasting over a Colon cleanse?  I have an enormous amount of dry herb (mostly in capsules) that I have bought over the years that I haven't used much..   I did combine last night (All Dry Herb Capsules) after my MaltOmeal some Peppermint,  Olive leaf extract,  Turmeric extract,  Clove,  Black Wallnut hulls,  Slippery elm,  Marshmallow root,  Cascara Sagrada bark,  Barberry bark,   Cayenne pepper,  Ginger root,  Lobelia,  Red Raspberry Leaf,  Turkey Rhubarb root,  Fennel Seed,  Goldenseal,  Wild Yam root,  Cramp bark,  Catnip..

    I opened all the capsules and mixed them in my semiHot Spring Water with Peppermint oil (10 drops) & Clove oil (5 drops)..  certainly not a very good taste, but the liquid Stevia Glycerite I ordered at certainly made it more tolerable..


    haven't noticed much of an effect yet..   will wait to see my stool..   usually it is green (from the Liquid Chlorophyllin I have in my Water) kind of thin & very easy to come out, but not runny..




    The brands are mostly Now Foods,,  Nature's Way,  Natural Factors,  and Christopher's


    besides Natural Factors, all the other brands were quite cheap/affordable..  probably not the Best quality.... *sighs*  soo much unbelievable confusion that causes so much unnecessary suffering in peoples lives..  it really saddens me..


    Propaganda, Money, & Power is the name of the game it seems for Almost Everything...

    NOT the person's health & well being.. most jobs drain you of your health & vitality, not increase it!!  than you finally quit, get sick & die.. very sad..  =,o(



  • Chris


    Can you tell me what are the potential effects of this body upon Awakening? I feel more & more urge to let go of the body form.. like its pulling my awareness to the sounds around me.. and wishes me to completely let go into it..


    is it not true that a lot of body energy transformation happens upon Spiritual Awakening?


    if you can answer One Question Truthfully - let it be this one:  do some bodies not physically survive due to some Psoriasis/digestive issues?   I am only 31 and 133 pounds at 5' 7" and otherwise fairly healthy. . though I feel a lot of heavy energy stuck in this body that needs to be released.. a heavy toll  on my lungs & heart at times..  this makes it difficult to have the energy to move and function.. and my memory is getting weaker & weaker where it's difficult to remember what to take & when...


    can you point me to a website or article that can show me the energetic processes of Spiritual Awakening from varied experiences?  and how it influences the mind/body, and ways to prepare for it?


    I immensely appreciate any help you can offer..


    would Frederick be able to give me some ideas?  will this body likely physically die upon Awakening?




  • Frederic Patenaude

    I cannot comment on the "spiritual" issues. I do not recommend to use foods as medicine. Eat well, fruits and vegetables, avoid  mucus-forming food. I do not think any of these folk remedies can help in any way. Some are potentially dangerous. 


  • Chris

    Why do you think those folk remedies will not help?  Certainly they were made to cleanse the colon/bowels..  you believe just Water alone would be enough?

    I know definitely having Peppermint & Clove oils in semiHot water helps reduce the phlegm, Lemons for some reason kind of increase it.. maybe because the sourness has my overactive immune system react in defense and produce phlegm..  

    now that I think of it, phlegm is produced even when running warm salt & baking soda in one nostril and out the other..  or even eating anything hard or too fast..... it is like my whole system is reacting to most things except the most basic..    Even luke warm water can create a bit of phlegm, it has to be semiHot to reduce it..

    Cough drops with sugar also produce some phlegm, but it really helps keep the throat moist.. usually there is a bad to everything it seems..

    Crying or a Runny nose also triggers phlegm..


    maybe you could email me personally on  some of these issues at chris 22079 @ g


  • Frederic Patenaude

    I believe you need a better understanding of Natural Hygiene. Mucus is not to be avoided at all time and it has in important function in the body. You need to understand what causes excess mucus in the first place.

    Also I don't offer personal coaching by email and this board is just for questions of general interest. We have a lot of books and programs available at

    Our Raw Vegan Mentor Club is the best way to get started. 

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