High fruit diet and cancer




  • Veronica Grace

    Hi Tina,


    Your body needs glucose to run on, your brain cannot function without it.  To starve your body of glucose and not eat fruit to get rid of cancer does not make sense. You need to improve your health and immune system to fight the cancer by taking away the unhealthy foods from you diet, meat, dairy, wheat, high fat foods, oils, animal fat etc.

    Hippocrates really scare people away from fruit, but fruit is not the problem.  It is that people who have cancer can't properly feed their cells in the first place and when they eat fats and sugar together it causes problems and they cannot handle the sugar properly and this slows down their system.


    You should check out www.fredericpatenaude.com/fruitreport.pdf  Fred has written so many articles about why fruit is not the problem.


    Hippocrates does not heal people BECAUSE they stay away from fruit, they heal people in spite of it and take away the unhealthy foods like meat, dairy, wheat etc.

  • Tina Schechter

    Hi Veronica,

    I am not opposed to eating fruit. I just think that Mr. Patenaude makes a general rule for everyone. It appears that Gabriel Cousins has similar views as Hippocrates. According to what I have read he  feels that fruit should not be incorporated in the diet at least initially.  He states the following " In my opinion the number-one type of food that derranges the biological terrain is any food that is high in sugar. This sugar is not limited to white sugar but includes fruits that contain a high amount of sugar or have a high glycemic indiex . He also states, " It is absolutely essential to eliminate these from the diet in order to restore the biologiacal terrain to normal and to decrease and eliminate the mycosis that most people have." I know that Mr. Patenaude has done much research and investigation in regard to a raw vegan diet . However, it is hard to dispute the credentials  and research of Dr Cousins and Drs' 'Clement.

    I appreciate your follow-up to my question.


  • Veronica Grace

    Hi Tina

    What about Dr. Douglas Graham of the Perfect Health Program and the 80/10/10 diet?  There are many people who have zero problems on raw foods eating high fruit once they stop combining it with fat, and lower their fat intake.

    Fruit sugar is totally different than refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

    Many primates live predominantly on fruits and greens and get most of their calories from fruit. They have no problem healthwise with this and fruit cannot be causing cancer for them and it does not cause cancer in people.  Glucose feeds all cells, but if people start assuming that it's only feeding the cancer cells like that's a bad thing, you have to wonder if they realize their body is trying to get glucose to ALL of their cells.  If you take the cause away from the body it will kill the cancer cells and dispose of them and use glucose to continue feeding healthy cells. But people think it's the fruits fault.

    You should also see that Hippocrates and Tree Of Life also promote supplements, and superfoods and send many people home with a huge bill for specialty items and supplements they claim are the only way to stay healthy. Just google it and see how many people are upset about how much money they have spent at these places, how it didn't heal everything they said it would and why they are no longer raw.

    Dr. Doug Graham doesn't prescribe any supplements or extras to people, just advices to eat fresh ripe raw fruits, greens, nuts and seeds in their whole form.

    Regardless, I would look at the results there are many people thriving long term on 801010 and have healed many diseases like Chron's, Colitis, Diabetes, Candida, Cancer and more.

    Hippocrates and Tree of Life have temporary plans that are low in calorie and high in fat so it is very hard to do for the long term.  How could this be healthy? A healthy diet should be able to be given to anyone regardless of health, or else it is incomplete.  Suggesting unsustainable diets does not help people maintain health or continue being raw.

    FYI Fred also worked at Tree Of Life years ago when he first got into raw foods and it opened his eyes to kind of confusion and deception going on with raw foods. He was in the kitchen preparing high fat raw foods, lots of dehydrated crackers and desserts and following the set menu plan for the guests.  Many guests quit and went home, they couldn't handle eating such dense foods, feeling sick and craving fruit, fruit was not allowed to be eaten freely and raw desserts were given instead to curb sugar cravings.

    We were also at Hippocrates a week and a half ago and went for lunch, the entire buffett was lettuce, sprouts and vegetables with as much oil and fatty dressing as you want.  We were told people were only allowed to eat fruit once, twice a week and they had green juices all day and salad for lunch and dinner every night.  Now how natural and healthy does that sound? Not being allowed to eat whole fruit, but eating braggs, olive oil and nut dressing is permitted? Needless to say we did not feel great after our lunch and we went easy on the dressing.  We're sticking to fruit for lunch and breakfast because it's water rich, full of fibre and vitamins and easy to digest.

    I think a lot of people assume Fred has no idea what goes on at these low/no fruit places and that he couldn't possibly have experience with it but it's simply not true.  If greens were the only thing important in the raw food diet you wouldn't see so many turning to other foods for calories, people going to raw dairy, raw meat, cooked food, steamed vegetables etc.  People need calories and the healthiest way to get calories is to consume fruit.  No one will have a problem eating this way if they only eat fruit by itself and stop combining it with raw cereal, granola, yogurt, nuts, seeds and oils. All fruits contain some protein and fat and they are in the right proportion for optimum assimilation and do not cause problems, even to someone who claims to have sugar problems.

  • Tina Schechter

    Thank you for your comments. The raw food lifestyle is a controversial one. Everyone feels their way is the correct way.  I do not have any allegiance to Hippocrates or Tree of Life. I only know that both have helped many people as Mr Patenaude has. The bottom line is that all are promoting a raw lifestyle which for many, especially those eating a standard diet of meats, fish, chicken etc. has a profound impact.  I have had several patients go to Hippocrates and have done quite well-fruit or no fruit. I have been a vegetarian for 30 years, although not raw.  It is my desire to educate my patients on how to incorporate a raw food lifestyle which in turn will lead to a decrease in medication and a more fulfilling, healthier life. This is why I am posing these questions.

    Let's say that fruits are incorporated into the diet as it is suggested. I noticed that some of Mr. Patenaude's recipes do mix fruit with fat. i.e nut milk, desserts, This seems to contradict what he is saying. Please explain.

    Lastly, I did get your email on the wheatgrass, but my question was not answered.  I understand Mr. Patenaude finds wheatgrass not  necessary but does he find that it is not beneficial?

  • Veronica Grace

    Hi Tina


    People are being healed because they take out the harmful aspects of their diet.  Whether they ate fruit or greens people's bodies can heal when the majority of toxins and hard to digest foods are eliminated.

    To maintain health though you cannot starve your body of carbohydrates (fruit) and promote only greens, vegetables and fatty foods and expect people to thrive.  This is essentially a fad like Atkins for the raw movement.


    The recipes that are provided are for people to do with what they choose, we do not recommend bad combinations and fruit pie desserts on a daily basis or make them part of any suggested meal plan.  Every single person raw or not eats things that are less than ideal for them as treats and most people coming into raw food only want recipes for healthier versions of SAD food.

    Frederic's approach as discussed in The Raw Secrets and the Low Fat Cuisine DVD's is that your overall fat percentage in the diet over time is what matters, not on a day to day or meal to meal basis. By limiting overt fats to 2-3 times per week and including lots of fruit for calories your overall fat intake will be much lower than if you ate fatty foods every day for dinner and salad every day for lunch with oil or nut dressing.

    Wheatgrass is not a food made for humans, just because it is juiced does not mean that it can fully be utilized by the body.  He explains how grazing animals have the grass and juices ferment in their bodies and obtain nutrition for that.

    When almost any other green or vegetable contains MORE nutrition and is a proper human food, it cannot be argued that wheatgrass is more beneficial than a true food like lettuce and tender greens.

    Wheatgrass is very stimulating to the body as well, just like caffiene and alcohol. The whole point of going to raw foods is to get off of stimulants and let the body heal itself instead of overloading it with foods that cause the immune system to panic and flush it out of the body as if it were under attack.

    Again people eating a diet high in greens or wheatgrass are being healed because the body is not inundated with the standard SAD toxins, so it is not what they are eating that heals them, the body heals itself by what you are not putting in it.  Just like any other elimination diet, you will see results when the right toxins are removed, but that does not mean that your strict elimination diet is healthy or ideal just because you removed the cause of your problem/sickness.

    Frederic has been eating raw foods for a long time, and many years on high fat raw with low fruit, and had severe blood sugar problems, dental issues and overall poor health. He nearly thought raw foods were making him sicker, until he realized it was the bad combinations and his overall diet was too high in fat that was causing the problem.

  • Tina Schechter

    Hi Veronica,

    Sorry I have not written back to you sooner. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. Your points are well taken. I have been utilizing this time to continue to read Mr. Patenaude's books, and bonuses. I have been following his program and decreasing the fat intake and increasing fruit. I have actually lost weight and do have more energy. If possible, would you be able to send me the link to the bonuses that came with the starter kit that I purchased. Somehow, it got deleted from my computer and I can't access it.

    Once I finish absorbing all of this material, I will certainly look into the other items that are offered on Mr. Patenaude's website.

    Thanks again,


  • Joe Zaccagnini

    Hello Jennifer,

    It's nearly impossible to find anything that would debunk the sugar feeds cancer theory.Other than this website & one by Robert Morse N.D.The internet is filled with all this sugar-cancer stuff.The link fredericpatenaude.com/fruitreprt.pdf does not open & might have some encouraging information.If you know of any new info (or something from the link) that has surfaced,I'd appreciate hearing about it.Doctors (like mine) persist with the line about "many more insulin receptors"as the reason that even fruit sugar promotes cancer cell growth.Millions of us cancer patients would love to see reports that would discredit this.

    Thanks Once Again



  • Veronica Grace

    www.fredericpatenaude.com/fruitreport.pdf is the link.


    What you need to know is that glucose (fruit sugar, any sugar) feeds ALL cells in the body.  Cancer cells will greedily eat and infect other cells around it when they are able to thrive, which is an anaerobic environment (without oxygen).  The body kills cancer cells every day, we all have them, cells denature and can become cancerous and a healthy immune system destroys these cells and replaces them with new cells. If you are eating an unhealthy diet (which is likely laden with both animal and plant fats) your body is bogged down by digesting fats and ends up with high blood sugar and when your body is living this day in and day out, the cancer cells get fed more than they get killed. Likely you will be overweight as well on a high fat diet and so you could have even more cancer cells.


    The problem is not sugar feeding the cancer cells.  If your body stopped feeding your cells you would die.  It cannot choose which cells receive the food and which do not, it just sends the nutrition to the body as if it were healthy.


    You need to correct your immune system and strengthen it by first removing all the causes that are making you sick and unable to heal and rid yourself of cancer cells. A healthy diet, plenty of rest, sunshine, fresh air, some exercise and removing stress from your life is how to achieve this.

    Going on a low fat diet, now matter how much fruit will not make your cancer worse as you are removing the cause of your poor immune system. Many people cure cancer by going to retreats and fasting, juicing or blending and it doesn't matter if it's fruits or greens, they get better from removing the cause, not by what they are eating. But you still need to fuel your body in order to handle all of the cleansing.

  • Jean Baker

    Hi Mr. Patenaude.
    I recently heard of you via Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health and have subscribed to your site now for perhaps one week. This morning I opened your email and read your comment in the section " Fruit Causes Cancer" about protiens converting to glucose. So I needed to find out if you still believe the same way after reading the article link I've provided below and the referenced materials. http://journal.diabetes.org/diabetesspectrum/00v13n3/pg132.htm
    Yes there are many anti-cancer properties to fruit especially dark berries and therefore should not be avoided by cancer survivors, but I believe clear evidence show fruits grow cancer if consumed alone without blood sugar modulators like protiens or fats.
    The "meal" (food consumed in one sitting) a cancer survivor eats must have a low "total" glycemic index. So fruits are Ok when not eaten alone and when they are eaten in combination with plant based protiens and fats. This should have been the way you presented the topic "Fruit Causes Cancer"

  • Frederic Patenaude

    HI Jean,


    Good to hear from you! Thanks for the reference. My position has not changed, for the simple reason that when you measure blood sugar after a fruit meal, it does not create long term spikes. In fact, it's rather low glycemic. Have you read the book by Dr. Neal Barnard on reversing diabetes? Check it out: http://amzn.to/xuOSFp

    I think you assume that eating fruit raises blood sugar more than other foods. That is not the case. If you measure your own blood sugar, I'm sure you'd find it to be the case. 


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