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  • Nancy A. Hart

    I too agree...So hopefully the person posting that question, will refer to this "Help Desk" for their answer.


    Missing what I was hoping would be open dialogue in this cleanse from other "guests". 


    Thank you for the heads up on "80/10/10" Dr. Doug's book is excellent.  Read his "Grain Damage" back in the late 70's also a groundbreaking read for the time. T.C. Fry was too one of my favorites in the field of Natural Hygiene...still have all of his precious 'pamphlets' in a sealed zippered 'folder' (: He was a great trail blazer...God Bless him...and oh so human !!  (:(:


    Have a beautiful day both you and your beautiful new life partner...Blessings and Monkey Hugs Always, ♥♥

  • Frederic Patenaude

    I'll try to take that as a compliment... ;)

  • Veronique Gineste

    Dear Frederic,

    I am confuse, my question is if you travel by plane for 34 hrs straight to europe, what do you eat in the plane, because I am from Australia and planning to go to france next year and want to know what to eat on the plane due to raw food only food to eat. Please let me know. Merci beaucoup frederic, Veronique

  • Frederic Patenaude

    Marina, I never wrote that "enzymes from raw foods lubricate our intestinals and help digestion". If you can find me where I wrote that... but I would be quite surprised...

  • Katarina Miklec

    Dear Frederic,



    your theory is great for the summer time  but you should live in Croatia during the winter and see how you would survive on raw food withou the fat in your diet. its impossible. Only thing available is applees mandarines and pears if you want by organic forget it just bananas no mangoes if there are one mangoe will cost you lets say 1 kg is 10 dollars, you should be very very rich. You ask how do i mannage it with law fruit more fat diet lots lots of greens. No tomatoes no cucumbers just carrots if you are lucky zucchiny. So diet should be  adopted by where you live.

    Last year i was trying your approach and i have had severe damage on my health, just 1 ounces of fat and lots of fruit it killed me.I was eating the fruit and the shugar from the fruit was killing me i didnt know that i have to stabilized it with greens. I have became so sensitive to fruit sugar even i was eating no fats no salt no oils. This kind of program should be adapted to surrounding where people live and personal constitution i belive you have read Dr. Cousens book and he ia quite successful in what he is doing. Without green juices which in that period i was not awair of. So without buckwheat and dried fruit and fat its impossible to survive and of course a lots of greens witch are so so expensive during the winter because people who are producing it have to pay lots of for the heating of the place where they are growing it other wise its impossible to grow it outside. So something like in Canada.

    So think about that we do not live in paradise like you and not every country has the availability of the fresh organic produce like in US:



    Many love and greetings




  • Marina

    Oh... I see... to be honest, I was happy and thrilled about all of your wonderful blogs, but now... I am still in the Mentor Club, but... uf... it lost some of the credibility. Please see the article. It sounds as if it was you who wrote it. It is in the first person singular and personal. http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/blog/?p=159 

    Maybe every article should be signed by the author?

  • Suzy

    I am reading your new book!!! The best rawfood book I've ever read. And I've read a bunch. I'm at the part about the liver flush which you debunked so beautifully!! I actually tried that ridiculous flush with no results. Looking back, I can't believe all of the ridiculous things I believed because one of the Nature's First Law guys said it. I feel so kind of duped. It's a huge relief to read your book and find out what was really going on. My question is, do you address the Ejuva type cleanses that purported to remove built of gunk from your intestines? I always suspected it was the formula itself which had hardened in your intestines!!! I'm babbling. Love your book! I can't put it down! I'm 11 days raw after trying it over and over for many many years and failing. 



    Suzy Hein (Suzymagnolia)

  • Frederic Patenaude

    That's not from me. At some point I had some people write articles for my blog. 

  • John Cloe

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  • Frederic Patenaude

    thanks Suzy, I appreciate the comments! 

  • Frederic Patenaude

    you're right there was a mistake in this page and the author's name wasn't written. I will make the necessary changes, thanks for pointing it out! 

  • Dianne Tushingham

    I have sent an email regarding a mistake in my order but have received no response - other than to be directed to here. Since I have not heard back from anyone, I am requesting that my entire order be cancelled and my money refunded. I need confirmation on this please. I was order # 8064. Thank you. Dianne

  • Frederic Patenaude

    About Ejuva, I could have talked about that in the book. It's one of the many things I could not fit in for the first edition. I did the Ejuva cleanse years ago. Total waste of money. The science behind it is very dubious. I'll talk about it later. 

  • Marina

    Fred, yes you are right. I have just checked. You wrote:

    "The core element to better digestion are the enzymes in raw vegetables that work as a natural laxative to move the body through its proper functioning."

    Sorry, but still...so, do enzymes matter or not?

    By the way, two days ago I subscribed to your raw vegan mentor club and I am so exited about it. Thank you for all the wonderful info!!! Please note: Probably, I will unscribe after the end of this month. Why? I am from Serbia, but I had my american credit card since I lived in the States for several months on two occassions before and from that period I have my american credit card on which I had - until two days ago - 30$.  It just left on the card and I knew that some day I would come accross something important that I would need those 30$ for. Evrything DOES happen with a reason. :D Yes, I could probably somehow pay onther month from Serbia, but currency and economy is a bit different here... So, please do not think I am unscribing because something is wrong. Your work is great!!!

  • Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS

    I am still waiting for the affiliate links. When I joined, the links where not complete.

    This is the second request and about a month now.


    Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS


  • Avril Macintosh

    I don't know how I landed up here! LOL I've been trying to get into the member's forum, but it appears, I'm awaiting approval.  The eager beaver!  I've ordered your new book and I must say I'm waiting excitedly to read!

    I'm great at doing juice fasts!  but afterwards I struggle a little here and there to stay high raw (which is what I'm striving for).  Still, I'm probably doing quite well, for me!  And the juice fast's re-focus me.  :-)

  • Marina

    No worries! ;) I am sooo mad with my self. I have just missed the webinar because I misconverted PDT to Eastern European Time!! :((((((( Just imagine: I went to bed at around 11pm, set up alarm for 2am, at 2 am I woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, wraped myself in my blanket, sat at my desk, turned on my laptop and waited .... waited.... at 2.10 thought....well, OK, they are a little bit late... !!!!! Just to realize... 5.00 PDT is 1 am , not 2 am in Serbia...

  • Dwallstein
    Your offer said I would have immediate access to the material on dental health. I've paid, but received nothing. Then I registered for this site, and the home page says watch a video to see how to use the site, but there is no video! This is all very frustrating and very amateur. Please give me my stuff immediately or return my money!
  • Avril Macintosh

    Smoothie's, I made a smoothie last night with almond milk, mango, banana, spinach, spirulina and a little water.  Are you going to say I could have left out the almond milk?  I haven't been eating much nuts in general and have a load to use up!

  • Marina

    Hi Fred! As I already wrote, I appreciate all your work and all the info you share. I am thrilled about learning at the Mentor Club and receiving so useful emails. However, I would like to comment on one issue: when we steam vegetables or fry or prepare however ones desires, ones influences only their health and that is OK. But, when someone has meat, even a very small portion - the size of the portion does not change what has to be done in a slaughterhouse, one makes a bad influence on many, many levels: plant, starvation in the world, economy, animals' sufferings... :( 

  • T.R. Wright

    I just received an email stating that I recently took  a course from you. I'm not aware of any such course. Was I charged for this course?

    T.R. Wright

  • Tajca Pavcek

    I still cannot enter the membership page (for almost a month) and I still didn`t get any help. I wrote to diffrent adresses. If I want to log in and I enter the username and passwrd I get the answer: 

    Can you please finally help me?

    Thank you,


  • Marina

    Just love your emails. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T.R. Wright

    Apparently the course was titled, Health and Energy with the Raw Vegan Diet.


  • Frederic Patenaude

    For support questions, can you email: [email protected] with more details? 

  • Marina

    I would appreciate if I got answer to the next question. When I eat a lot of fruits, which I do, my stomach is bloated. I do not eat dried fruits and I am on 811. I read on the various forum that other people have been experiencing the same "pregnant looking" stomach since having gone raw. This is driving me crazy!!!! Pls help!

  • Frederic Patenaude

    This course is our free email mini-course available at www.fredericpatenaude.com

    It's free. 

  • Marina

    Just want to thank you for your wonderful work!!!

  • Marina

    Great answers to the challenge on fruits. When it comes to aging on sugars - probably, did not try, but on fruits???? U yourself say that people always think you are much younger. Same for Roger Haeske. And... a million dollar question: how old do u think I am? :) 

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