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  • Nancy A. Hart


    Thank you Frederic, for all your positive energy in all that you do for
    others. Yes, in regards to your explanations on healing crisis'...I have
    experienced one which is for sure intestinal...AND today, I feel a little
    sensitive emotionally...funny...but necessary (:(:  So ALL is a positive
    experience !! And nice to know you are there with us.

    Thank you again and Monkey Hugs 2 ♥♥

    P.S. When a person asks on the forum, about flax in their smoothie, I am
    thinking they are referring to the cleanse, how do YOU answer that ??...And
    are we to give our opinion ?..or not (:

  • Marina

    Dear Fred,

    I am going to kill you. Why? :D  Since I foud out about this little site of yours I basically do nothing else, but eagerly reading your posts!!!! God bless u!!!! :)

  • Loriot Reineman


    On July 8, 2012  I placed an order for your Dental Ebook on my Visa card

    for the amount of $19.95 since there was a Coupon Discount of $17.05.

    Inever received the Ebook and need you to resend it or tell me how to retrieve

    the information

    The Order ID is 197493799, and the Ticket #5363

  • Frederic Patenaude

    Hi Nancy,


    I'm not sure if the person was referring to the green smoothie. In general I see NO reason to add flax seeds in smoothies, whether you are doing a "cleanse" or not. Why? Because of the unnecessary added fat in the flax seeds. 

    My favorite smoothies only use fruits, or fruits + greens with maybe a little water.

  • Marina

    Dear Fred,

    yes, u should definitely take that as a compliment. :D However, I found a contraversy in your blog. PLease note that I apsulutely love and support your wondeful work, and I am bringing this up so just that you could explain. In the bolg "Benefits of raw food diet" you wrote that enzymes from raw foods lubricate our intestinals and help digestion. On the other hand, in the blog "Bad reasons for the raw food diet" you wrote that enzymes in raw foods are not for the purpose of our better digestion... ? I would apreciate if you would elaborate. All the best to you and Veronica! 

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