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  • Dianne Tushingham

    I have sent an email regarding a mistake in my order but have received no response - other than to be directed to here. Since I have not heard back from anyone, I am requesting that my entire order be cancelled and my money refunded. I need confirmation on this please. I was order # 8064. Thank you. Dianne

  • Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS

    I am still waiting for the affiliate links. When I joined, the links where not complete.

    This is the second request and about a month now.


    Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS

  • Loriot Reineman


    On July 8, 2012  I placed an order for your Dental Ebook on my Visa card

    for the amount of $19.95 since there was a Coupon Discount of $17.05.

    Inever received the Ebook and need you to resend it or tell me how to retrieve

    the information

    The Order ID is 197493799, and the Ticket #5363

  • John Cloe

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  • Dwallstein
    Your offer said I would have immediate access to the material on dental health. I've paid, but received nothing. Then I registered for this site, and the home page says watch a video to see how to use the site, but there is no video! This is all very frustrating and very amateur. Please give me my stuff immediately or return my money!

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